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  • The Mobile App is designed for interaction between Parents, Teachers and Management.
  • It’s a user-friendly app .
  • The School manager mobile app helps the management & Teachers convey various information to the parents.
  • It helps the management and teachers to manage various school activities,like sending Dialy Homework & Marking Attendence etc.
  • It enables the Parents to view daily homework, notice, and remark, attendance, View fees details and do a lot more with the app.
  • It provides an Ideal was to manage various school activities.
Mobile AppMobile App
Mobile AppMobile App


  • It Displays details of all the students Registered.
  • Displays name of the Student ,and other details like standard and Div, etc.
  • Accounts of Multiple Students can be accessed from the same app by using the feature - "Add Profile"


  • Displays images of different Events uploaded by the Management.
Mobile AppMobile App
Mobile AppMobile App


  • Parent can view all the homework sent to particular student.
  • Parents are notified when a new Homework is sent to the student and if there are any updates made in it.

More Features

Management & Teachers

  • Allows to send Homework,Remark,Event and Notice for particular class or a student.
  • Mark Attendance
  • Displays User profile and allows to update login details
  • Upload Photos of different Events
  • Displays the Transport details.
  • Displays the Fees details.
  • Displays Time-Table of the student


  • Pop-up messages & instant alerts about Homework, events, etc.
  • Displays current and previous Homework,Remark,Event and Notice for the Student.
  • Manage various Student Profile
  • Displays Time-Table of the student
  • Displays Photo Galleries of different Events
  • Displays the Transport details of the Student.